Our Policies:

  • One consignment number is assigned per household. A number may consign two different days in a calendar week with up to 15 items each time. The minimum price is one dollar; the maximum is $99.
  • Some items are never accepted and all others are accepted based on space availability. All are posted in the take in area.
  • Each item must be clean, seasonal, functioning, and in good repair.
  • Items may be rejected at our discretion, without notification.
  • Items will be displayed until the expiration date indicated on the consignment sheet.
  • Items not withdrawn before the expiration date become the property of the Thrift shop.
  • Expired items are marked down, donated, or discarded.
  • Items are not insured against damage or loss.
  • Items may not be sold without a tag; prices are not negotiable.
  • All sales are cash, credit card or debit card only (no checks) and final with no guarantees or refunds.  
  • Beginning on June 1, 2017, credit and debit cards will only be accepted for purchases with a total price of $5.00 or more.  
  • Your signature on the consignment sheet indicates acceptance of these policies.
  • Thrift Shop closure dates are posted by the front door.
  • Please do not ask for exceptions to Thrift Shop policies.


  • The consignor is paid 65% of the price of items sold.
  • Checks are issued the Tuesday after markdown and held for six months, after which time they are void. (Checks are available for pick up at the cash register beginning on the Tuesday after markdown. The checks are held for six months, after which time they are void.)


  • During business hours we accept items for donation as long as they are clean, seasonal, functioning, in good repair, and of the type we also accept for consignment.
  • Profits from donated items benefit the scholarship fund.
  • Tax donation receipts are available upon request.