The Folk Club wecomes you to the OSU community, whether you are new, returning, or have been here for a while.  If you are looking for ways to meet people and perhaps do some volunteering, the OSU Folk Club might be the answer.  We don't do folk dances or sing folk songs, but we do get together as volunteer workers and to enjoy each other's company for learning and just for fun.

We welcome eligible new members to join the Folk Club and to participate in the many activities of the organization.

The Folk Club especially welcomes those new to Oregon State University.


Please note new membership criteria. Membership in the OSU Folk Club shall be open to all current or former Oregon State University women employees, wives or female partners of Oregon State University employees and workers at the Oregon State University Folk Club Thrift Shop. Members may also recommend friends to join.


Many of our members volunteer at the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop.  The OSU Folk Club owns and operates the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop at 144 NW 2nd Street in downtown Corvallis. The shop was started in 1949 and is still thriving with the efforts of of 150 volunteers working each week.


Our annual dues are $20 and help to fund Fanfare, our newsletter.

Dues are payable to our 2018-2019 treasurer:  

Elizabeth Spatafora, Treasurer
OSU Folk Club
144 NW Second Street
Corvallis, OR 97331


Apply today!