Program Calendar

There are many wonderful activities being planned for 2018–2019.  New information may be posted before an event. Look in your Fanfare to get additional details about an event. The Fanfare is our newsletter, published several times a year.

The Thrift Shop Calendar

Thank you to our volunteers for making the Thrift Shop possible!

2018-19 OSU Folk Club Officers

Thank you to those serving as our 2018–2019 officers!
  • President: Judy Malouf
  • President Elect: TBA
  • Vice President: TBA
  • Secretary: Mary Ann Roberts
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Spatafora
  • Programs: Becky Strandberg
  • Interest Groups: Mary Severs
  • Fanfare: Dana Poling
  • Courtesy: Carol Kronstad
  • Historian: Becky Strandberg
  • Database: Kathy Holman & Astrid Hancock
  • Yearbook: Susan Klinkhammer
  • Website: Judy Butler, Kate Andrews, Sharon Betterton
  • Thrift Shop: Robin Heeter
  • Registered Agent: Kathleen Reistad 
  • Grants: Irene Hornyik
  • Scholarships: Mary Severs

Interest Groups

Folk Club Interest Groups are open to all members who have paid their dues for the current year. These groups provide a way to meet new people and learn new things.