The OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop is located at 144 NW 2nd Street at the corner of 2nd and Jackson Streets in downtown Corvallis. Come visit our Shop!

Started in 1949, the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop is a beloved institution in Corvallis. The Shop is 100% volunteer-run. Every year, high school students in Benton County who will be attending OSU receive scholarships drawn from Shop proceeds, and Benton County agencies and organizations receive grants from the Shop’s profits. The Shop also benefits the community by offering a low-cost place for the community to buy clothing, household items, books, vintage items and more, and providing a place for people to donate unwanted items, keeping them out of local landfills.

OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation

The OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization which awards scholarships to Benton County seniors who will attend Oregon State University and grants to non-profit organizations serving Benton County, Oregon. The funding for scholarships and grants are made possible by proceeds from the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop and by donations from individuals or organizations.

The OSU Folk Club and the Thrift Shop have offered scholarships every year since 1930 and the first grants were given in 1949.  Learn more about our scholarship awards and our grants.

Charitable donations

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation.   Your donation is a meaningful way to:

  • Remember someone upon their death.
  • Honor a friend or colleague.
  • Supplement community grants.
  • Contribute to OSU Scholarships. 

Download our donations form.